Reimagining fusion energy.
Net surplus

Fusion is a clean, safe and efficient form of energy that can power the next generation of humanity. So far, no organization has been able to generate high enough pressures and temperatures to achieve a net surplus of energy. MuFu Energy's innovative approach completely circumvents this problem by using subatomic particles called muons as catalysts. This allows for efficient fusion at temperatures and pressures near that of the room you're sitting in right now.

It's all relative

To overcome the fast decay time of the muons, we accelerate them to near the speed of light using a particle accelerator. At these speeds, the muons experience time much slower, according to special relativity. This lets each muon catalyze many more nuclear fusion reactions than what was previously possible so that we achieve a net surplus of energy.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where energy wasn't a problem in society and politics. Imagine the technological possibilities of nearly limitless energy. At MuFu Energy, we envision a future where energy doesn't need to be a burden to everyday people, corporations, and governments. Instead, we want people to use energy as a tool for their own creativity and passions. 

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